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Project: surveillance and protection
ID: 1237145671
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: $ 300000-350000
Location: Greece
Created: 3/15/2009 15:34
Bidding Ends: 5/14/2009 15:34 (29 days left)
Project Creator: geremy53
Rating: (No Feedback Yet)
Description: my family and i are leaving for our summer villa in greece the dates are around 20th may until september 10th but this wont be exactly known until a few days before
we will need the normal bodyguard types for all my family and i the children are 3 , 14. 17 i know the older ones will be a pain for security but they do need it
i do not want to mention anything about any potential threats i have had, on this website i would like to leave this for our face to face meeting
british police are involved as well as greek police for other relatives i have living in greece
we will have plenty of seperate room for accomodation if required but no food would be available as we do not use a cook but self catering shouldnt be a problem

Additional Info (Added 3/15/2009 16:04)...

some one has already asked me how many bodyguards i need. now how would i know that the budget is posted work it out how many you can supply for it
the threat will always be high on us so work that out.
and if you are not willing to take the risk for the money oir manpower you work out then please dont bid

Area of Expertise: Bodyguard / Close Protection
Years of Experience Required: Any

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Messages Posted: 39

Consultants Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
safeandsecure $ 5 1 day(s) 4/7/2009 10:52
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We are a UK based company who have been running close protection teams for many years. Our operatives come from all fields and backgrounds. We can provide you with a professional service to include risk/threat assessment, intelligence and surveillance tasks, residential security details and of course personal escort teams We are also experts in conducting investigations/traces in the mean time if you need any questions answered please do not hesitate in contacting us. please view my pm to you
apg $ 5 1 day(s) 4/2/2009 14:59
(No Feedback Yet)
Please see our private message to you.
junior1 $ 5 1 day(s) 4/1/2009 10:18
(No Feedback Yet)
Sir, I am a professional operating as a close protection and freelance with my team, all of us have blank criminal record. We have both women and man from law enformens (Swedish government), military and military police. You will have for that price Residential Security Team (6) and Bodyguards (8). 20% of the amount paid before the job. The price is all inclusive and for your all stay. If you need more info. Please contact me .Thank you very much for your time and consideration Cheers, Phone: +46 761995558 Jorgen Hillbom
ghostrider $ 5 120 day(s) 3/29/2009 13:19
(5 reviews)
we are experts in this field and can conduct all operation you require please view my pm to you
smiths $ 5 365 day(s) 3/24/2009 16:32
(No Feedback Yet)
We will be able to help you
saepio $ 5 5 day(s) 3/23/2009 12:39
(No Feedback Yet)
Dear Sir, Our company is extremely capable in resolving everything you have asked. Please see my PM to you... With kind regards, Saepio
sky911 $ 5 365 day(s) 3/22/2009 20:40
(No Feedback Yet) #305-508-0169
einarh $ 5 2 day(s) 3/18/2009 7:22
(No Feedback Yet)
international $ 5 120 day(s) 3/17/2009 17:18
(No Feedback Yet)
We are a Top International Security company. I have left you a private message for you....
rapsecurity $ 5 4 day(s) 3/16/2009 7:28
(No Feedback Yet)
RAP-close protection is a Belgian security company working world wide, adhering to the highest standards of governmental agencies. We have a solid governmental partnership in Greece and are able to provide you with the necessary protection officers. Large amounts of experience in the field of 'full family' protection. For more information we would like to contact you privately to maintain our and your operational security. We provide you 'peace' of mind.
hawkppk1 $ 5 5 day(s) 3/16/2009 6:46
(No Feedback Yet)
we are allready in greece, contact us for agreement,thank you.
bg1 $ 5 90 day(s) 3/16/2009 3:27
(1 review)
Please see message to you
vzakone $ 5 1 day(s) 3/16/2009 0:53
(No Feedback Yet)
Experienced Executive Protection, Bodyguards are avalable for your security needs. I have provided personal protection to Pres. Obama, Gov. Romney, Rock Star Tommy Lee, and other political and influential people. Resume, pictures and references are available.
vipsteward $ 5 5 day(s) 3/15/2009 20:23
(No Feedback Yet)
WE STRIVE TO CREATE END-TO-END SOLUTIONS THAT MEET OUR CLIENTS’ NEEDS AND EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS In today’s difficult environment, efficient, expert and expedient solutions to security, intelligence and organizational issues are crucial be pleased to email us to get more info regarding the mission you request
issa0000001 $ 5 1 day(s) 3/15/2009 18:19
(No Feedback Yet)
Please see private message.
robin29 $ 225 1 day(s) 3/23/2009 15:27
(No Feedback Yet)
dear sir i have alot of exp in high risk close protection i would ber interested in hearing from you in regards your trip and anything further you require please dont hesitate to contact me i have a particular exp of security with children and a pediatriccs med quals ,
germaninvestigator Certified Consultant $ 1500 1 day(s) 3/16/2009 3:29
(12 reviews)
Bid is per armed bodyguard per day. Please post a private message if you have any additional questions.
derynilord $ 2200 1 day(s) 3/17/2009 13:03
(No Feedback Yet)
ArchAngel Global Services LLC is a fully licensed and insured firm able to provide CP/EP for your family vacation. As you have already indicated a direct threat to you and/or your family, we require additional information to provide a more accurate quote. Initial bid is per protection specialist per day. A full project quote is contingent upon additional information and the project will require a 50% retainer fee. The initial bid does not include airfare, hotel or per diem expenses. ArchAngel Global Services employs properly trained and licensed executive protection agents with prior military, police and/or corporate security backgrounds in its personal security details. Please respond to our private message if you have any additional questions or details to share.
dpendleton $ 5500 31 day(s) 3/20/2009 6:33
(No Feedback Yet)
Should you require a professional Close Portection Operator, you will be required to pay good money. Think of it this way, How much does yours and your families lives mean? THINK ABOUT THAT, SECURITY IS SO IMPORTANT........
anton69 $ 35000 31 day(s) 3/16/2009 1:47
(No Feedback Yet)
contact us by email..for more information..we are ready to protect you and your family.. we have good experience about family security.. we been in Greece many times... Best regards ANTON
er24 $ 125000 30 day(s) 3/16/2009 9:53
(No Feedback Yet)
We are a UK based company, that specialise in the provision of high profile Close Protection and Surveliance, all our operatives are Medical Trained and high extensive military or police background. Our operatives come from an international market, and range from South African ex-Forces to UK ex forces. Our goals are to provide a dedicated and loyal team that will be able to assist you and ensure the safety of you and your family. All our operatives are available within 14 days, and can travel.
stanleycharles $ 185000 5 day(s) 3/16/2009 8:30
(No Feedback Yet)
Dear sir, all of our staff and trainers are highly experienced in this field of residential and VIPs in Transit Close Protection, being ex members of British Military Intelligence, covert undercover and counter terrorist operators. Together with former Special Forces members, with extensive Diplomatic and VIP Close Protection training and vast operational experience in Northern Ireland, Israel and especially in Greece...Our Operations Director and chief trainer who is Greek and is based at our Athens office, has extensive contacts within the Greek police and military... can provide you with the finest close protection teams available throughout Greece. Being a specialist organisation of dedicated operators, we have offices in UK and across Europe. We guarantee a discreet first class service and look forward to you contacting us so we can discuss the project further. Thank you for your time. S.M. Former British Military Intelligence & Security and CTU member, and Y.S. Director, Chief Trainer and former Special Forces (Greece)...Please see private message.
esci $ 250000 120 day(s) 3/16/2009 11:27
(No Feedback Yet)
Hi this amount covers you for 2 permanent bodyguards for your entire duration they have also experiance of working with children at all ages.
petmalli $ 300000 5 day(s) 4/2/2009 13:51
(No Feedback Yet)
scott73 $ 300000 112 day(s) 3/31/2009 15:19
(No Feedback Yet)
Sion is an international security and risk assessment company specializing in Corporate Intelligence and Specialist Risk Management. With offices in the United Kingdom and the United States, we combine decades of experience in international law enforcement and military Special Forces. Whether tasked with protecting individuals or safeguarding commercial operations, our teams are uniquely qualified to provide bespoke risk analysis and mission critical security to individuals, leading industry providers and government organizations.
signcutters $ 300000 120 day(s) 3/16/2009 11:50
(No Feedback Yet)
You're correct. For that amount of money, I'm sure we can work out details to everyones satisfaction. Please leave me a private message. SK Sanglier
seb $ 300000 2 day(s) 3/16/2009 9:55
(No Feedback Yet)
Hello. We are small but realiable company based in UK. We have very expirienced operators with might be deployed within 24 hours. armed and unarmed protection . please pm me if You need more info.
redfour $ 300000 1 day(s) 3/16/2009 7:48
(No Feedback Yet)
Sir we are an international security company providing bodyguarding and related security services to Arab Royal Families, Commercial and Governmental clientele. We have operated all over the world including Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Iraq and in many countries in Africa. All of our staff are fully vetted, have a vast amount of experience and are highly qualified individuals. If you wish to talk to me in more detail regarding your requirements i would only be too happy to call you at your earliest convenience. Many thanks
eyalshmuel $ 325000 120 day(s) 3/24/2009 12:49
(No Feedback Yet)
Hi, I am freelance in executive protection/ Bodyguard i dont have a company but am very professional i have a team of guys that i work with and they are also professional and have experience we are all good with kids we have our own kids so we know what they need. This bit amount is for the dates that you posted. if you need more info. Please contact me .Thank you very much for your time and consideration
jrat $ 335000 20 day(s) 3/16/2009 16:53
(1 review)
International Investigative & Security Service is available to assist you as we have both male and female protection specialist. Our agents are medically trained as well. Bid is all inclusive we look forward to anwser any questions you may have. We have ex British sas as well as United Nations Security force protection officers on staff.
athenaintelligence $ 345000 100 day(s) 3/17/2009 12:53
(No Feedback Yet)
Bid is for the duration of contract as posted. Please see my PM to you. Many thanks.
bobwex $ 349000 15 day(s) 3/18/2009 5:40
(No Feedback Yet)
Hi,I am a professional operating in freelance with my team, no security company what so ever. We all got guns, full driving license, close protection professional license, blank criminal record. Average of 37 years old with loads of experience. You will have for that price Residential Security Team (4) and Bodyguards (6). 50% of the amount paid before the job. The price is all inclusive and for your all stay. Cheers, Bob.
probodyguards $ 350000 120 day(s) 4/7/2009 3:26
(No Feedback Yet)
I have an excellent team of professional agents for this job. Several of my agents have worked with children of "A" list celebrities and executives. They are used to dealing with high threat levels as well as working with children which is extremely important. It would be an honor to work with you on this project to ensure the safety of you and your family.
aquios $ 350000 120 day(s) 3/24/2009 16:44
(No Feedback Yet)
Sir, The protection of your family is obviously a priority for you. AQUIOS are an established private security company that operates throughout Europe. Our services will provide you with exceptional peace of mind. We wont give you any elaborate promises except to say, you will not be the first to trust your most prized possessions to AQUIOS RISK MANAGEMENT again and again.
globalexecutiveprotection $ 350000 15 day(s) 3/19/2009 15:25
(No Feedback Yet)
Global Executive Protection would be pleased to render assistance in this matter.British/Cyprus based company run by British former Royal Marines and Police Officers. We can meet your budget, and provide sufficient numbers to allow for bodyguard and driver for each member of the principals family, plus a residence team, and an advance party for visits outside of the residence. Please contact us to arrange a presentation at your convenience. Many thanks, Bob Aldridge, Global Executive Protection
usmcbodyguard $ 350000 130 day(s) 3/16/2009 14:56
(No Feedback Yet)
I will provide you with 8 guards working two 12 hour shift. Four per shift to protect you, the wife and 3 year old, then the 14 and 17 year old children. I feel that either you and your wife would be with the 3 year old. Please review my profile for more information. Respectfully, Robert R. Barnes
dussai2 $ 350000 6 day(s) 3/16/2009 6:08
(No Feedback Yet)
Sir, we are ready has to assure your mission of close protection in Greece, we exercise this profession since 1981, and we have a consequent and available strength. We accept your conditions. To your service.You can see our site on
conflict $ 350000 21 day(s) 3/16/2009 5:37
(No Feedback Yet)
Conflict International is a London Surveillance/ Close Protection Agency that supply Close Protection Officers to third parties ranging from businessmen to VIP celebrities. Please contact us for references and risk assessment consultation.
cb $ 350000 65 day(s) 3/16/2009 4:21
(No Feedback Yet)
Dear Sir, We can offer you 3 Close Protection officers 24/7 with in the time period mentioned, for the price of $350.000. We are a Danish based security company specialized in close protection. We have officers of many nationalities, well trained, experienced and dedicated to their job. Please contact me/us for further discussion - I am sure that we are able to comply with your request. Thank you.
bodyguard15017 $ 350000 5 day(s) 3/15/2009 23:52
(No Feedback Yet)
National Intelligence Agency offers a wide range of very specialized National and International services including, Risk Management, Intelligence Gathering, Executive Protection, Vulnerability Assessments, High-Risk Security Related Solutions, Security Consultancy, and Fugitive Transport and apprehension. As a result of our success and practical approach, we have built a unique reputation for advanced operations, training, security management and high-level executive protection. We only offer the best. You and your family will be protected no matter the risk.
allen Certified Consultant $ 400000 90 day(s) 3/15/2009 23:19
(58 reviews)
Take a look at my feedback reviews, I am the top rated consultant on this website. Payment is in Euros and due in full prior to commencement of security detail.



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